m2m Consulting Consulting Services for new and growing companies Start-Up Businesses m2m's directors have helped to launch numerous companies by providing a  sound framework for operations, good business advice and practical help.  Additionally, we can provide interim management to help establish the  various aspects of your business. We can then help to recruit suitable staff  to continue the work. In addition, we can help to house the business  through our facilities arm. Management Consultancy For growing and mature businesses, we can provide the ideas, information,  technology, contacts and customers that you will need to expand. With our  experienced consultants and our practical approach we can help to build  new business propositions. And, of course, we will focus on profitability  with uncomplicated operational support requirements.   © Mark to Market plc Tel: +44 (0)20 7392 9933 Email: enquiries@m2m.org.uk Guy Burgun  +44 (0)20 7392 9933  gib@m2m.org.uk  P. Alfie Noakes +44 (0)20 7392 9933  alf@m2m.org.uk