m2m Exam Centre A superb facility for invigilated examinations. © Mark to Market plc 2012 Examination Invigilation/Proctoring Increasingly we have found that students, particularly mature students, work abroad and take professional courses with internationally recognised institutions. This often leads to a requirement for them to sit examinations in their current country of residence. For some years now we have assisted overseas universities by supervising examinations as their permanent examination centre in London.  m2m provide comfortable facilities for paper and PC-based examinations in the heart of the City of London financial district. There is room for up to 46 students in any one sitting. Our invigilation team are highly experienced and will create a perfect atmosphere for the candidate whilst maintaining full invigilation. P. Alfie Noakes +44 207 522 6036  alf@m2m.org.uk  Guy Burgun  +44 207 522 6036  gib@m2m.org.uk  ‘JP’ Burgun  +44 207 522 6036  jp@m2m.org.uk  Specialised Website To find out more about our Exam Centre, please visit our dedicated website at www.m2mexams.co